Honorary Patrons 

Atlantic BoyChoir

Chad Stride

We are delighted to welcome The Atlantic BoyChoir as the latest addition to our vibrant choral community. Congratulations to the entire ensemble as active members represent communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. We look forward to your continued success and growth.

- Chad Stride 

Professor Ki Adams

In the Preface to Psalms, Sonets and Songs of Sadnes and Pietie (1588), William Byrd listed eight reasons why everyone should learn to sing. In conclusion, he wrote: “Since singing is so good a thing, I wish all men would learn to sing!” While, for centuries, singing was primarily a male-dominated art form, in recent decades there has been an increasing reluctance for boys and men to sing, especially in choirs, in North America. Research shows that one of the best ways to encourage males to sing is to provide opportunities for men and boys to sing together.

Creating a culture of singing men is exactly what Jakub and Jennifer Martinec are doing in Newfoundland and Labrador with the Atlantic Boychoir. Congratulations on this province-wide initiative and best wishes as you work towards your goal of performing in Nürnberg, Germany, in December 2017.

- Professor Ki Adams​

Cheryl Hickman

I am honoured to have been chosen as one of the honorary patrons of the Atlantic Boys Choir. Singing in choirs is an essential part of our musical heritage and a path towards the possibility and opportunity of tomorrow. This choir is amazing opportunity for young men in our province to experience a sense of community, while achieving harmony through musical excellence.

- Cheryl Hickman

Dr. Ian Sutherland

Making music together is a fundamental human experience. This is no more so than in the choral setting where we are ourselves are the instruments. This is transformative, in so many ways. This remarkable initiative will bring the power of the choral experience to so many more, and build musical bridges across individuals, communities and cultures.

- Dr. Ian Sutherland

Dr. Valerie Long

What a great opportunity for boys and men from our unique province. There will never be enough boys and men singing around the world and I am honoured to support this wonderful initiative. Way to go Atlantic Boychoir!

- Dr. Valerie Long

Susan Quinn

Boy’s singing is truly a unique celebration of sound for the senses. There is no better place for a boys choir than the extraordinary singing culture here in Newfoundland. A provincial choir with an emphasis on boys singing alone is going to be a treasured musical experience for any boy or young man in the province.

- Susan Quinn

Dr. Gary Graham

Having experienced several summers with the Columbus Boy Choir many years ago, I am happy to support a long-awaited boys choir in Newfoundland and Labrador

- Dr. Gary F. Graham

Dr. Jennifer Matthews

It is with the greatest pleasure that I support the Atlantic Boy’s Provincial Choir. This choir, made up of boys and young men from all over our beautiful province, represents the continuation of an already strong choral tradition in Newfoundland, whilst filling a void.

I know that Dr. Martinec and musical staff, will create an environment where these boys and young men can fully realize their musical and personal potential. The multi-faceted education and travel experiences will provide invaluable tools which will serve as an outstanding backdrop for their futures.

- Dr. Jennifer Matthews

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